Tuck Sun is actively engaged in water and sanitation initiatives aimed at providing clean and safe drinking water to children and mothers residing in rural communities, thereby fostering better healthcare sustainability. By ensuring access to clean water, these programs play a crucial role in promoting regular school attendance among children and reducing the incidence of illnesses such as diarrhea.

In support of these efforts, Tuck Sun collaborates in humanitarian logistics, facilitating the transportation of essential supplies to communities in need. This enables our partners to install water filters, ensuring households struggling with access to safe drinking water receive clean and bacteria-free water. Through strategic partnerships with organizations such as Disaster Aid Malaysia , NADMA and Red Crescent Malaysia, we have successfully facilitated the distribution of water filters to regions including Sarawak, Sabah, and rural areas of Kelantan. Additionally, Tuck Sun has provided assistance during significant natural disasters, including flooding in Johor and Kelantan, as well as the Palu earthquake in Indonesia.

Moreover, Tuck Sun is committed to supporting Disaster Aid International’s water and sanitation projects. This includes contributing to initiatives focused on constructing toilets and installing water filters in rural communities, villages, and schools in Bhutan. These collective efforts underscore our dedication to improving living conditions and promoting health and well-being in marginalized areas.

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