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Logistics and supply chain management is an intricate system of actions, procedures, organizations, and resources that deal with the movement of products and services from producers to consumers. A supply chain that is efficiently managed will result in the fulfilment of accurate and on-time orders, which, over time, will result in the acquisition of new customers and an increase in the bottom line. Even if you outsource all your logistics and supply chain management tasks, you should know what good practices are.

Ensure the completeness and correctness of shipping Documents:

Use a proper system of checks to ensure that documents are accurate and comprehensive. The effectiveness of the import logistics team and customs brokers is also increased by having precise and thorough documentation.

logistic management 2
logistic management

Automate compliance processes:

Automated compliance procedures make on-time delivery and proper inventory levels possible with reduced waits at border crossings. Fines are also avoided.

Optimization of Available Storage Space:

Optimizing bin and rack density by maximizing vertical space helps maximize space use. Shipping containers are less likely to sustain damage when not moving about during transport.

Using available storage space more efficiently, increasing storage density, encouraging organized activities tied directly to labour, making the most efficient use of assets, and ensuring inventory correctness are all strategies to reduce logistics costs.

Consolidated shipments:

FCL (full container loads) shipping is preferable to LCL (less than a container load) shipment because it is more secure and cost-effective. There are no other vendors’ goods in the space where your goods are being transported.

However, LCL is the best and most cost-effective solution in other cases. It’s a process that involves integrated logistics management and combines several smaller loads from different sources that all go to the same destination.

Choose the right logistics partner:

A freight forwarder’s ability to minimize costs and provide competitive pricing to all customers hinges on creating integrated logistics management alliances. To ensure the greatest possible outcome for your customer’s export or import operation, we at Tuck Sun Logistics has extensive regional knowledge across South East Asia, carrying more than 65 years of supply chain management experience. Your business is safe on our hands.

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