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In the age of digitalization, Tuck Sun’s services are all online and can be tracked through our portal. Order tracking together with other Tuck Sun related servicers are a click away. Our advanced logistics solution enables our customers to manage and optimize their supply chain more efficiently than ever. From tracking and scheduling to reporting and collection of containers, you can see it all in Tuck Sun’s state-of-the-art portal.

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Manage and screen through bookings for later finalization and add- on services offered by Tuck Sun.

Streamline your container’s arrival at designated location through our portal and utilize Haul2U transportation bookings through our phone application to optimize your planning.

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Alerting and email notification

Receive alerts on the whereabouts of your container or status updates on a specific order.

Get full control of the timing and frequency of automated email notifications. Set up how you wish to receive alerts on unexpected events during import and export schedules directly to your email.



Receive real-time information on the statuses of your shipment and order, as well as its estimated time of delivery to a designated location.

Our tracking portal gives customers full visibility and transparency required to allow smooth coordination between all parties involved in the supply chain.



Download Tucksun’s order information from our portal and create reports that can be customized by customers according to their own needs

What Tuck Sun views, our customers view as well. Data is transparent with our connected customers therefore making report generation instantly accessible. Decisions made faster.


Request for collection

Haul2U and Haul2Go Tuck Sun apps enables customers to “Request For Collection” of containers from customer’s premise and allows drivers to update job statuses in real-time, respectively.

Our mobile friendly apps enable for efficient planning and coordination through increased transparency and communication

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