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Custom Declaration

Import and export custom declarations are formal documents that list and describe imported or exported commodities. A custom declaration is an official statement by an individual indicating their desire to import goods via a specific customs process.

By submitting a custom declaration, customs officials can determine what commodities or products are imported or exported. It’s common practice for the control to fulfil dual purposes:

  1. To safeguard the country’s economy and ecology against hazardous imports.
  2. To prohibit the export of specific commodities and to implement monitoring measures.

Businesses who fail to declare the commodities they are importing or exporting correctly may be fined or have their goods confiscated.

Custom Declaration 2

All carriers require a form:

Customs declaration forms must be filled out meticulously for each shipment that may pass an international border during its voyage. To send goods internationally, this is a need. Understandably, these post office declaration papers might be confusing and overwhelming. Despite this, all shipping companies ask you to fill one out before they accept your package for delivery.

Tuck Sun Logistics Group is expert customs brokerage consultants in Malaysia. All activities along our brokerage services are digitalized. We monitor the whole supply chain on our own portals and ensure the chain is systematically. For instance, we will communication with port operators directly if we found out any updates via the portal. Moreover, we have 24/7 supervision on the portal to ensure our services are clear transparent like import/export documents, application of customs rulings, claims of duty drawback etc.

What Make Tuck Sun Logistics a Reliable Company?

  • Having years of experience mean nothing if a logistic and warehousing company does not have a reliable track record. That is why Tuck Sun has a history of providing customers with successful deliveries.
  • Clear communication, quick response time, and efficient problem-solving skills are the qualities of Tuck Sun Logistics Group.
  • Tuck Sun offers a wide range of logistic services.
  • We always sync up the details with our clients to make sure the information is correct. That is why, we are recognized as a trusted logistics company.
  • As we all know, punctuality of a delivery is very important on customer’s satisfaction. We guarantee zero disappointment due to late deliveries and damaged goods.
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