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Tuck Sun Care CSR mission is aimed towards the marginalized community in need by providing assistance with a sustainable approach.

To begin with, from its purest form, clean water and sanitation is a basic need for children for them to stay healthy and sustain their development into their early educational years. By staying fit, we believe that not only health benefits will rise, but so will their education as they maintain schooling years up to completion of SPM. Tuck Sun CSR Care has engaged with communities in our Malaysian remote states and villages such as Hulu, Perak, Pahang, Sabah and Sarawak, where marginalized communities are at its low point. However, with Tuck Sun we try our best to assist them. Majority of us in the developed urban and rural areas in Semenanjung enjoys all the clean water, electricity and WiFi internet connections. But we still have Malaysians in these very remote villagers in the Sabah mountains without basic need. Thus, clean safe water is vital to young mothers, children and the whole community. As such Tuck Sun has embarked on this humanitarian logistic to reach out through collaborations with other NGOs on this clean water sanitation and education especially in Sabah and local schools in Klang. Our approach on Green concept is internalized in the project execution including awareness among volunteers and community to ensure Mother Earth is well protected.

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