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Bonded Warehouse

A global expansion offers a wealth of intriguing prospects and challenges to match. To maximize your margins while minimizing risks, you must devise a workable method for storing your goods. The ideal response to this problem might be bonded warehousing. A bonded warehouse is a storage facility run by a private company under the regulatory control of the customs office of that country. The ability to postpone paying customs duties is its principal benefit. Like regular warehouses, bonded warehouses allow companies to hold their products nearer to international or local clients for quicker delivery. This has the added benefit of delaying payment of customs charges until the commodities are discharged from the bonded warehouse.

Tuck Sun Logistics Group acknowledges the crucial of warehouse in supply chain. In our group, we provide upwards of 475,000 ft² warehousing space in Port Klang. We can cater warehouse and distribution service to some of the global retail brands or world’s biggest FMCG companies. Besides, our services also can meet manpower requirement from our customers

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What are bonded goods?

Bonded goods are commodities that have been imported and are kept in a customs storage facility pending payment of all applicable tariffs, taxes, and other costs. Tuck Sun has its operations based in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) which operates for both general and goods that are alcoholic or tobacco. Our state-of-art facilities are equipped with ambient or air-conditioned storage, INFOR warehousing management system and  security system under 24 hours surveillance.

What is bonded transport?

You need abonded trucking service to transport items that haven’t yet cleared customs. The commodities can only be transported through bonded shipping. Otherwise, they would be held by customs. Bonded trucking service is the only way to have your freights carried to a licensed bonded cargo warehouse and held there until all applicable taxes and duties have been paid. Here in Tuck Sun, we have all these bonded services ready to be utilized. It can be commodities or restricted cargo, our team has over 60 years of experience in the industry, we are ready to assist and provide all logistical solutions.

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