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Our History

Tuck Sun Logistics Group

Founded in 1954 by two Malaysian entrepreneurs, Kuan Tuck Kee and Chew Fook Sun, Tuck Sun is one of the longest serving, dedicated logistics companies in South East Asia. We are here for you.

The Company’s initial involvement in the customs brokerage business had spawned into a fully-integrated logistics provider today, with worldwide networking and logistics facilities serving over 1,000 loyal customers. In keeping up with the customer’s expectation Tuck Sun is adopting a holistic approach in terms of upstream and downstream value-added services. We do so by providing our customers with innovative supply chain management technology, which is developed and designed to enable them to build increasing bottomline profits, reduce inventory costs and increase competitiveness.







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Tuck Sun Logistics is a logistics company in Malaysia that delivers the most efficient and effective solutions. Providing faultless services necessitates a worldwide network of technology and a wide range of supply chain activities. Customers from many sectors and marketplaces have came to rely on us as one of the best and most experienced logistic company in malaysia.


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Customs Brokerage

Tuck Sun prides itself as being one of the most established customs brokerage consultants in the logistics business

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International Freight Forwarding

As a total supply chain logistics provider, Tuck Sun is also involved in International Freight Forwarding and NVOCC services.

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Haulage & Trucking

Functioning as the core business venture of the Tuck Sun Logistics Group, TS Transport Sdn. Bhd.

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Warehouse and Distribution

Each business operations has its unique needs. The Tuck Sun Logistics Group understands well the critical

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Industrial Project Cargo Management

From start to finish, the industrial and project cargo distribution are well taken care of through our dedicated project management team.


Liquid Bulk Packaging

At the Tuck Sun Logistics group, we realize the need for highly-specialized tanks for liquid bulk packaging.

Tuck Sun links you to your customer

Locally Invested, Globally Connected


Tracking Your Freight

Whether you require distribution or fulfillment, defined freight
forwarding, or a complete supply chain solution, Tuck Sun can
provide you with a customized solution tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Us?


Our straightforward and error-free operations are safe to put your faith in us. Everything we do is meticulously planned and executed, and we’re proud of it. We are a logistics service provider that guaranteed to be on time and budget, with no issues or delays.

Various Freight Options:

As a reputable logistic company in Malaysia, many kinds of transportation are available to support the services that Tuck Sun offers. We can ship goods by sea, air, or road, depending on your preferences. That being said, TS Transport Sdn Bhd being one of our subsidiaries as haulage company in Malaysia is focused on container haulage, which in Malaysia is seen as being one of the most cost-effective way to transport goods. We also integrated end-to-end visibility for our customers to know where and when their goods will arrive. All through our in-house build Portal.

Warehouse Storage Facility:

Storage space is something we provide and everything we do perfectly as a logistic company in Malaysia. For your convenience, we maintain our massive storage facilities in Malaysia. The warehouse facility may be rented for business reasons, and the things stored inside will be safe and secure. Unloading, storage, handling, and tracking items are all responsibilities that fall within our purview.

Affordable Rates:

Our company provides a wide range of logistic service at reasonable prices. You may now look for a freight forwarder or haulage company in Malaysia at the lowest possible rates. We have open discussions about pricing with our clients, and we always act with integrity and openness in whatever we do.

Customer Satisfaction:

Transport and logistic service is just one of managing complicated supply chains. Additional value-added services may help supply chain optimization and growth across the chain. From consultation to auditing, financial engineering, and tailored reporting for enhanced visibility, insurance for moved items. All these issues must be addressed to shipper demands.

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