About Us


Tuck Sun Logistics Group

Our History


Founded in 1954 by two Malaysian entrepreneurs, Kuan Tuck Kee and Chew Fook Sun, Tuck Sun is one of the longest serving, dedicated logistics companies in South East Asia.


The Company’s initial involvement in the customs brokerage business had spawned into a fully-integrated logistics provider today, with worldwide networking and logistics facilities serving over 1,000 loyal customers.


In keeping up with the customer’s expectation Tuck Sun is adopting a holistic approach in terms of upstream and downstream value-added services. We do so by providing our customers with innovative supply chain management technology, which is developed and designed to enable them to build increasing bottomline profits, reduce inventory costs and increase competitiveness.


Our Present



With more than 64 years providing total logistics solutions, we are adept in handling different types of customers’ needs; from FMCGs, Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Steel Coils, Agricultural, Chemicals (Dangerous and Non-Dangerous), Automobile Parts, Cement and Manufacturing products to name a few.



Without a doubt, our expertise and know-how have placed us in an unparalelled position to offer the best solutions to our customers.


Backed by our innovative integrated IT resources, we hold a unique position as the pioneer of a total supply chain of services to our customers. As a 3PL company, our approach enables the company to spearhead many logistics entities.

Corporate Vision

To be the leading integrated logistics company that exceeds industry standards through innovation and technology.

Our Mission

To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction to enable our customers to gain local and global competitive edge.

Core Competencies






ft² of Warehousing Space


Bills of Lading Annually


TuckSun IT Infra

Within our high-tech office environment, we deliver customer satisfaction by harnessing the latest and technologically advanced equipment and high-end softwares, such as the following:

  • Freight Forwarding Management System
  • Haulage Management System
  • RF Gun – Warehouse
  • GPS Integrated Solutions
  • Haul2Go – Drivers / Customers Mobile App
  • Haul2U – Drivers / Customers Mobile App

We are moving towards an integrated web-based system for online tracking, which would provide a multitude of options for our clients to track their goods that have been shipped or processed with us. This is to ensure the highest standards of logistics services that we intend to offer to our clients on a 24/7 basis, anytime, anywhere.

Quality Standards

We have successfully achieved international quality standards through our logistics implementation. Since the year 2017, Tuck Sun & Co (M) Sdn. Bhd. and TS Freight Services Sdn. Bhd upgraded all ISO 9001 standards to ISO 9008:2015 standards by the Llyod’s Register Quality Assurance for their international freight forwarding services for sea and air including customs brokerage, freighting, trucking & haulage services.


These quality standards function as a benchmark for us to constantly provide effective and on-time deliveries to our customers.


Message from the directors


In the Art of War, military sage Sun Tzu, dwelled in great lengths on difficult terrains, hostile territories and the right techniques to win over the enemies. Likewise, in the ever-evolving business landscape, the environment can be harsh and volatile for businesses that do not keep pace with the changes around them.


If there should be only one absolute reason why we are still in business today, then It should be our ability not only to foretell business trends that are associated with our industry, but how to cope and co-exist with them to derive mutual benefits.

The Tuck Sun family

Providing quality logistics services.